Are realtors necessary when purchasing a home?

custom-home-real-estatePurchasing a home is a big deal. In fact, acquiring a new home is the most expensive purchase an individual will ever make in their lifetime. This is a serious transaction that will also come with both financial and emotional ramifications. Because of this, proper representation is critical, and that’s where realtors come in.

You see, realtors are not just agents. Instead, a realtor is a professional and a member of a National Association, and thus they subscribe to the organization’s strict code of ethics. So if you’re wondering whether or not involving a realtor is important, these reasons will give you a definite answer to contact a realtor when buying or selling your property.

The industry has complex regulations

Buying a home is not like purchasing a plane ticket. That’s because every state has its unique regulations, plus every home is different. Generally, people acquire new homes in every 7-10 years. During this time, laws, practices, contracts, and regulations change a lot. Realtors stay current with these changes, meaning if you involve them, they will somehow put this knowledge to work in your favor.

Pricing and selling property

The internet has many sites where you can compare and view prices before knowing the price for which to buy or sell. However, conducting a transaction on these sites is a risk because most of them rely on outdated data and tax records.

But if you opt to use a Realtor service, you will be guaranteed of a fair purchase of a home that is not overpriced for the features it has. Realtors have up-to-date sale data, and they know every corner in town.

Contracts & Negotiations

Once you find a home, you will be required to deal with paperwork. A typical contract can have as many as 50 pages. It’s a legal document that can sometimes prove to be very difficult to understand. But a realtor can “help navigate through the complex documents to come up with a good price offer.” according to Again, realtors are good at negotiating prices. They can add an objective voice to a very subjective situation which works to your advantage.

Finally, a realtor will help you secure the best home

As many as 90% of potential homebuyers begin their search on the web, and some will go so far as to look at a realtor’s Facebook page. However, this does not guarantee that they will end up with the best property that their money can get. In fact, it is not possible to know all the pros and cons of a property if you don’ involve someone who is experienced.

Because realtors know all property within their vicinity, they can reveal some information that you didn’t know concerning homes in a specific area. They can tell you the common problems that homes built in a specific area often face, and this can save you from potentially buying a property that you will regret owning.

So when you go to a realtor, you’re not just getting recommendations based on square footage of the property and number of bedrooms. In short, you cannot make this decision on your own. Unless you want to gamble with your money, it’s not recommended that you go it alone. Take a look at for more pros and cons of using a realtor to buy a home.

Questions To Consider When Hiring A Realtor

Hiring a realtor is an interesting process because you will have millions of questions racing through your head. It is important to ask as many of them as you can. There are a few matters that are more important than others, and they should be requested about right away.

You don’t want to be a client that is not ready to ask questions because you will lose value in the process. You have to be willing to engage.

Here are the five questions most people talk about when it comes to your realtor and what is important.

1) How Many Homes Have Been Listed Under Your Name?

realtor selectionThis is a great starting point because you want to see how they have done in the recent past. Don’t start asking about homes that were sold five years ago because the market will have changed since then. You want a current example of what they have done which becomes easier for you to judge how good they are and what you will get from them when the hiring takes place. It is a reliable way to get in line with what they can offer you.

2) Are You Accredited?

You want to know what certifications they hold and if they are a member of significant real estate associations. There are many of them in most areas, and you want to find a realtor that is in tune with what is going on. You don’t want a broker that is just having fun and listing houses because they like how things work.

You want people who are fully committed to the process and are hoping to join new memberships and make sure their credentials are reasonable. You want this to be the case with any realtor you talk to.

3) What Is Your Take On Open Houses?

You will be surprised how many realtors are not as happy about open houses as others would be. You have to first figure out what your position is on the matter which can make it easier when you are asking the question. You will be able to guide them on what you want which is why clients have to be certain.

You have to look at their policies and then see if that is how you want to sell the house when it goes on the market eventually. You don’t want to have a fight about this later on.

4) How Long Do Your Houses Stay Listed?

The length of time houses stay listed is one of the important questions you are going to have. You want to know how long their houses remain listed on the market once the process begins. Does it take them months to make a sale every time? Are they all over the place with how long it takes?

Are they able to make the sale in a few days?

These are questions you want to know about, and you should be doing research on the matter as well before you sign up with a realtor.

5) How Will You Help Me?

Asking how they will help you is such a simple question, but you have to ask it. You don’t want to be a person that is not willing to ask how they are going to help you. Sure, you might have an idea of how they are going to assist, but do they have the same approach?

You want to know what the game plan is going to be, and then you will be able to sign up.

You don’t want people who are not going to help you out right away.

These are things that you want to be asking realtors when you are signing up. You want to be going with a realtor that is efficient and on top of the market. Some realtors are not good because their clients are not asking the right questions.

Be a smart client and save yourself the trouble of hiring someone who is not as good as you want. Why hire people who are not going to sell the house quickly?

Ask these questions and set the foundation for what you are going to need when it comes to the selling process. You want to be prepared.