Simple Do’s and Don’t’s for Selling a Home

If you are considering selling your home, don’t invite any potential buyers over before reading the following simple download’do’s” and ‘don’ts’ that are sure to send customers running for their checkbooks — you may even decide to keep the place for yourself.


-Forget to Paint

No improvement will bring you the greatest return on investment as a new coat of paint. Even if you had some personal tones that you feel look good with the house, you could significantly lower the initial asking price if your home presents smudges, scuff marks, and fingerprints. A fresh coat of paint can dynamically improve home appeal.

-Try to Sell ‘Retro’ Appeal

When looking over your home consider the difference between ‘vintage’ and ‘dated’ — one is good and the other appalling. For light fixtures, furniture and styles to be considered ‘Vintage’ they must be over 75 years old and still look good, Anything over 5 or 10 years old is dated. Remember; that retro is not a style people like to buy into. Don’t spend too much here, though, a light fixture or two and maybe some pieces of IKEA furniture and, VOILA.
-Address the Bathrooms
The bathroom is one of the rooms that gets a lot of action and deteriorates quite quickly. A brand/new looking and smelling bathroomnew-new-bathroom-idea-wallhomexyz-new-new-bathroom-idea is GOLD. But don’t remodel, get a steam cleaning company to attack the tile and grout and stains along the porcelain. Tear out anything that is in severe condition. A splash of paint here and there and you’re ready to go.

-Mirrors, Mirrors
A strategically placed mirror can make a corridor seem endless, and a small living room feel like a dance hall. Mirrors are also considered Feng Shui ‘pills’ and can significantly improve the positive energies of the home. An entrance way with a large mirror is more inviting as well. All this enhances the charming feel of a home.


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